Our Purpose

The positive impact of music education has been demonstrated again and again:

  • music education helps develop originality and flexibility, key components of creativity and innovation
  • training in music improves attention
  • students involved in music lessons surpass their peers on tasks measuring perseverance
  • right here in Louisiana, a research study on all 8th graders in the state demonstrated that students enrolled in music classes have statistically significant higher scores on LEAP assessments in Math and English Language Arts, regardless of socio-economic status.*  

More importantly, music connects us – to our individual, unique voices and our collective potential; to our capacity to make meaningful, powerful work with others; and to the legacy of a community whose deep history of musical innovation and education has shaped music worldwide.

Students in New Orleans need to understand that they are a part of this rich legacy, and that their impact can be as great.


Our Work

Artist Corps New Orleans partners with schools and arts organizations to match music resources, programs and personnel, and to EMPOWER EDUCATORS through professional development and coaching.

We work to ENGAGE ARTISTS, connecting local, visiting, and resident artists with schools and music programs where they can have the most impact.

Through the MAPPING MUSIC initiative, we are collecting extensive data on music education to share with the community – providing vital information to educators, students, families and funders.


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